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Beata Maia Gellert is a dancer and instructor of Tango Argentino. While originally from Poland, she has been immersed in the Argentinean culture at her various stays and visits to Buenos Aires where she had the chance to learn from and cooperate with the leaders of the international tango scene. While teaching and performing, Maia has participated in creation of the first Polish tango theatre show Tango Historias in which she also danced. She is one of the organisers of the annual tango festival of Poland run by an Association "Academy of Argentinean Tango". Since 2006 she has been a member of the BoD of the Academy.

Maia's approach

Focus on technique is an essential element of Maia's teaching and as she believes in the creative interpretation of dance she doesn't suggest any tango style over others. It's the reflection of one moment, in seamless relation with music, partner and the dance floor that define the style.

In the recent years Maia has brought tango together with choreotherapy, bodily awareness, body language and various dance and body-work methods, developing a complex holistic approach in the artistic and natural kinesis that she has applied mostly while teaching in the UK and Poland.

Finally, Maia is a graduate of the Public Relations and Journalism Department of the Warsaw University with specialisation on body language.

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Maia usually teaches alone or accompanied by one of her assistants.

The girls are:

Katarzyna Kosik

Magdalena Skawińska

Information about the girls is going to appear here soon!

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